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Tezgah Üstü Cihazlar

Tezgah Üstü Cihazlar

The category description can be positioned anywhere on the page via the layout page builder inside the Blocks module with full typography control and advanced container styling options.

The category image can be selectively disabled on any device and comes with custom image dimensions, including fit or fill (crop) options for all system images such as products, categories, banners, sliders, etc. 

Advanced Product Filter module included. This is the most comprehensive set of filtering tools rivaling the top paid extensions. It supports Opencart filters, price, availability, category, brands, options, attributes, tags, all included in the same Journal 3 package.

Ajax Infinite Scroll with Load More / Load Previous and browser back button support. Load products in category pages as you scroll down or by clicking the Load More button, or disable this feature entirely and display the default pagination.

Hyundai HND-500 Su Arıtma Cihazı
HND – 500 Arıtma Cihazı*RO Membran filtre kullanımıÜretim: 500 GPDÇalışma Basıncı: 10 – 125 psiMevcut: 110 volt, 220 volt, 240 volt. ( Sistem) – 50.0 (L) x 24.0 (G) x 80.0 (H) cm                (11G Tank) – 40.0 (L) x 40.0 (W) cm ( 50/60 Hz)HYUNDAI HND-500 iş ..
Hyundai HND-17 Yumuşatma Sistemi
HND-17 Yumuşatma SistemiKabinetli tam otomatik su yumuşatma sistemleri; suda bulunan ve sertliğe neden olan Kasiyum (Ca) ve Magnezyum (Mg) iyonlarını gideren sistemlerdir.HydroSoft-TC Kabinetli Tam Otomatik Su Yumuşatma Sistemler ile; sudaki kalsiyum ve magnezyum iyonları iyon değiştirme yöntemiyle ..
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